MOT failure

7th March 2015

We were always hoping to take the Mini to the London to Brighton Mini Run this year. As long as it had an MOT and ran, it was going, so yesterday we put it in for an MOT to try and get an idea on how much work we'd need to do before going. Much to our surprise, it failed on only 3 minor things!

  • Rear tyre needed to be replaced
  • Front number plate needed replacing
  • An unsecured CV gaiter

That was it! Not bad for a 32 year old car.

We quickly got the number plate made up and swapped the 10" steel wheels for the 12" Supalite alloys from Casper, our previous Mini. We'll be fixing the CV gaiter this weekend.

The wheels look much better than the steel ones, but definitely needs an arch kit to cover the extra width.